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Here are some notable examples of my work. I include pictures when possible. Some of my recent jobs are listed first. This will provide an idea of the type of work I’ve been doing lately. Below that are a few other projects that I’ve done over the past ten years to give you an idea of the scope of my work. You may click on the pictures to enlarge.

Recent Projects


This has been a busy year so far with a variety of projects. Lots of handyman work, interior painting, deck staining, and carpentry.

One major remodeling job has involved removing a door, building a wall to divide a room, framing for new windows, installing new doors, drywall and flooring. I also installed recycled cedar boards on one wall, which turned out well. This project is ongoing.


My work last year included building a two level deck, a screened in porch and several large interior paint jobs, along with the usual handyman work, tile, etc. It was a very busy year.

Two Level Deck


This two level deck replaced an older deck and later had railings and benches added. It extends from the back door on the right, to a side door that is at the far left. The lower section of the deck had to be built to provide smooth access to the side door. I had to build that section on piers because it was so low to the ground. The remainder of the deck was built on posts attached to concrete footers.



I don’t have pictures of these jobs because a pic of a painted wall doesn’t reveal much. One project was painting the entire inside of a 2800 sf home, including ceilings, walls, doors and trim. That project took a month to complete and also involved removing wallpaper in one room. A second painting project of a smaller scale was painting the walls and trim of an 1800 sf home. That project included some wall repair and door adjustment and took a week.


Another large project was building a screen-in porch over an existing concrete porch. The new porch had to span

New Porch

the concrete area and the roof was tied into the house roof. Because of the preexisting structure it was fairly complicated and involved removing the old metal roofing and iron railings. The new porch was built with 6×6 posts, and the roof extended over the old concrete steps but that area was not screened. The picture was taken before the work was finished and does not show the gutters and other trim work.





Some of the main jobs this year included changing the entrance to a bathroom from one wall to another, installing a walk in shower, removing a built-in bed frame and repairing walls, replacing cedar siding, and building a screened-in porch. I also painted the exterior of a one story house.


House painting. This job included scraping, washing, priming and painting a house color (grey) and trim color (white). Here are some before and after pics.


Front – before

house painting 1

Front – after

Back - before

Back – before

Back - after

Back – after







Flooring. – A large laminate job of about 1400 sf, installing tile in a bathroom, and putting tile in a laundry room. Most of these jobs also included the trim work.



Remodeling – remodeling a bathroom, including removing the existing shower/tub unit and vinyl flooring, installing a new walk in shower unit, new flooring, and reinstalling the trim.

The handyman jobs have included repairing or replacing a number of toilets and leaking faucets, diagnosing malfunctioning lights and installing interior and exterior lights, and installing several bath fans, among other things.

Misc – Installing a metal porch railing, building a custom bookcase, repairing rotted-out facia, replacing a french door, and installing a sliding interior door (considered barn door style).



Restoration – install an antique door in one of the stately old homes in Knoxville. The home in Old North had an oversized door which the owner wanted to replace with a door which was even larger. So the old door had to be removed, the jamb enlarged and reframed (without damaging the plaster walls), and the new door installed. In addition, since the old jamb and trim were red oak, the new jamb and trim were also done in red oak. The result was quite lovely. Pic at left.

IMG_0552Exterior Painting – paint trim and windows on a vintage home. The windows in this case were old double hung sash windows, which will undergo glazing repair in the spring.


General – install new screen on two doors and a large (7×7) opening like a garage. Paint sidelights to front door, and repair a faucet.

Carpentry – Repair an interior door that had somehow come out of plumb. This door frame was 1.5″ wider at the bottom than at the top! I don’t even know how that could happen. The hinge side of the jamb was removed and then the opening was reframed to even it out and the jamb replaced.

Deck – build a 10 x 9 deck in a small alcove at the back of a home in N. Knoxville. The deck was built with Trex deck boards and used their hidden fastener method. The owner is having a custom metal railing installed to match the existing railing seen in the photo. Part of the railing was removed to allow access to the deck from the back steps. The deck is about 5 feet high.IMG_0432 Pic left.

Flooring – install 500 square feet of laminate flooring, installing 1/4 round, baseboard and transition strips, and repairing a wall. The wall repair involved replacing the insulation and patching in drywall half way up the wall. Pic below.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring


Bathroom and Kitchen remodel – removing all fixtures and installing new tub, surround, sink, faucet, toilet, light, new flooring, repairing the walls and painting, and new trim. This project also included installing a new counter, sink and faucet in the kitchen.

Laundry Closet

Laundry Closet

General handyman work – painting a bathroom, fixing a ceiling fan, installing a light fixture, painting exterior trim, and repairing a toilet.

Carpentry – building a laundry closet for stacking washer and dryer. Pic at right.

Deck – adding stairs with a gate to an existing deck (picture below).

Deck Stairs with gate

Deck Stairs with gate

Exterior painting and repair – scraping and painting the exterior trim on an Arts and Crafts home in Knoxville. This included painting the exposed rafter ends and roof decking, the decorative shingles on the gable ends of the house, the soffits and fascia boards, and the gutters and downspouts.IMGP4656

Carpentry – installing an octagonal window in a wall between the kitchen and a sunroom (picture at right). This was just a decorative feature.

Plumbing – installing a new kitchen faucet.

Tile – installing tile flooring in a bathroom. This involved removing the old vinyl, repairing the subfloor that had been damaged by water, then installing the new tile.

Refinishing a front door and surround, and refinishing and restoring the screen door. This was a vintage door and screen door made of red oak on a local Victorian home.

Painting – painting a large bathroom, a sunroom and several other painting projects.


Past Projects

Basement remodel – 2010-2012. The project involved remodeling a basement that included a large living room, hall, bathroom and two bedrooms. This work included installing foam board insulation in the living room (over concrete block), painting all the rooms and the ceiling, installing trim throughout and crown molding in

Trim around fireplace

Trim around fireplace

Living Room

Living Room

the living room, installing new light fixtures, reinstalling outlets, and various other small items. I also refinished the front door and installed a storm door. I worked with this homeowner over several years to complete the project according to her timetable and it turned out great.

Installing a railing on a front porch and painting the front porch, 2013. The railing was built in the spring and painted in the fall after the pressure treated wood had dried out. The porch was scraped, primed and painted with two coats of finish pant. This was a wooden porch on an Arts and Crafts home in North Knoxville.

Deck and fencing – 2013. This project included removing the old deck and fence. The new deck was built with a pressure treated support structure and Trex decking boards and included stairs and a hand rail. The fence was built using 4×4 posts set in concrete and 8′ preassembled fence panels. Two gates were built into the fence to allow for mowing and other activities.

Kitchen and Bath remodel, 2011. This project included remodeling two bathrooms and the kitchen, as well as a number of other items. One bathroom had to be stripped of fixtures (except the tub), the subfloor repaired, and then new flooring, vanity, sink, toilet, and lights installed. This bathroom also received wainscot and painting. The second bath was given new flooring, vanity, sink, toilet, lights, and painted as well. The kitchen received  new flooring, new light fixtures, a new sink and faucet, and some repair to the cabinets. There were a number of other repairs done to the house, including some new interior doors, interior light fixtures, and exterior lights.

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2 thoughts on “Work Examples

  • anne woodle

    This is an endorsement both of Jim’s work and Jim. He has done many different jobs at my house since he began his business. Projects he did for me include installing a handrail on brick exterior steps; replacing flooring in my kitchen and utility room; minor plumbing repair; and “de-creeping my basement.” (My 1940’s-era basement is dark and looks like a home for all sorts of critters. Jim suggested ways to install more lighting and erect plywood walls to make the basement more useable.) His work is great, reasonably-priced and thorough. Yes, he cleans everything up before he leaves! Jim arrives when he says he will, gives dependable estimates and is honest about what he can and can’t do. I’m totally comfortable giving him a key so he can work while I’m not there. I highly recommend him and his work! And my dog and cat really like him…

  • Ann Curry

    I highly recommend Jim and the work he can do. He helped me with several projects in getting my home upgraded to become a rental property. He was involved in remodeling my den and kitchen and installed two pet doors. In the future, I plan on contacting him about getting an enclosed deck installed.

    Jim’s ethics and high standards of quality work impressed me immensely and will keep me as a long-term client.

    Ann Curry